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About Us

Streamline is a privately held company founded 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida USA. We are an ERP software and services company specializing in Software as a Services (SaaS) (cloud based) solutions in logistics management, warehouse management, transportation management and other ERP areas. 


Our objective is to provide innovative solutions to help businesses streamline their processes to realize a greater return on their investment while providing quality solutions.

Customer Testimonial


"We began transitioning over to Streamline in 2011, and have been utilizing the platform daily.  It was a great benefit to us as we faced several major challenges with our old system.  Our old system was out of date and non-compatible with many other systems or with a Mac.  We were unable to download information to AES, nor to our suppliers from our old system.  Additionally, it was limited in the amount of data it could hold, and we had to purge it twice a year to our server.  Our ability to generate reports was also limited.


With Streamline, we have had none of these issues.  Moving to Streamline has helped us, and continues to assist us, in ways we would not have thought possilbe.  We have been able to save time, manpower and money.  We have been able to retain all of our data in one place with no slowdown of a program.  We foresee this will help our business grow as we can better utilize the data available to us and allow us to focus on generating new business instead of being limited to an out-dated program.


We recommend this product to any freight forwarder out there as there are so many benefits to Streamline that are utilized in the export shipping field.  This product would also benefit any company looking to have their freight, warehousing, dispatch, and rail program all in one place.  The ease of use and accessibility of Streamline makes it a great product and we highly recommend it to anyone in the transportation business."



Heather House, Office Manager

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