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Account & Contact Management

We know that your clients are the foundation of your business. 
That's why Streamline allows you to efficiently manage and maintain accounts including prospects, vendors, clients, competitors and many more.  The Accounts module serves as the backbone of Streamline Shipping as all transactions will somehow be related to it.  Here you will maintain pertinent information for each account such as contacts, billing, shipping addresses and other necessary information.  Our Stay In Touch feature allows you to provide personal service to each and every client so that no one falls through the cracks. 

Purchase Order Management


Streamline Shipping Purchase Order Management allows you to specify delivery date, item identification, quantities, shipping terms, payment terms and all other obligations and conditions. You can also note associated shipments as well as utilize the automation feature by cloning an existing purchase order.  Purchase orders are easily converted to shipments, cutting down duplicate work and preventing errors.  

Quote Management


Streamline Shipping Quote Management allows you to provide accurate, detailed quotes to your clients.  With the Pricebook feature,  shipment information such as destinations, containers and items can be automatically entered for repeat clients saving you time and reducing human error. Here you can also note any special instructions or required documents promoting a smooth shipping process. Quotes can easily be submitted to clients as well as converted to a shipment with the click of a button.

Shipment Management


Streamline Shipping Shipment Management allows you to manage shipments by Air, Rail, Container, Roll on/Roll off (RORO) and others.  Here you will specify ship dates/time, arrival dates/time, shipping instructions and any necessary documents. With the ability to link associated shipments, intermodal and multiple shipments are easy to track. Built in automation cuts down on manual data entry and human error. Our Social Shipping features allows you to follow conversations around each shipment giving you an up to date status at all times.

Container Management


Streamline Shipping Container Management comes with standard industry containers preloaded dimensions and weights included.  Whether the shipment is large or small  Streamline gives you the ability to easily label each container with its contents and any special instructions.  This comes in very handy when shipping fragile items or hazardous material.  No matter what you are shipping or how you are shipping it  Streamline's got you covered.

Item Management


Streamline Shipping Item Management allows you to customize each shipment for each client.  With the Pricebook feature, you have the ability to enter items and pricing specific to each client. The Pricebook can even be customized to a certain carrier or region.  This will allow you to enter purchase orders, quotes and shipments more efficiently and accurately.  

Invoice Management


Streamline Shipping Invoice Management allows you to convert any existing purchase order or quote into an invoice.  The Invoicing module allows you to create multiple invoices for each shipment, if necessary.  Invoices can be personalized with your company's logo and automatically sent to your client once payments are applied.  With the In House Financial Information section, you can see at a glance financials on each shipment.  Here you can record actual expenses for each shipment, as they are incurred, and quickly determine the profit or loss of that shipment.

Payment Tracking


Streamline Shipping Payment Tracking provides easy monitoring of the payment history for each client.  In this module, you can easily apply payments of all types and set payment terms.  Once payments are applied, the invoice will be automatically updated and presented to your client.  Streamline will even show you if an account is in good standing or not with the Account Standing feature.

SDS Integration

Integration with Streamline Data Services provides additional features such as VIN validation.  Make, model number, serial number and more are auto populated upon VIN validation reducing human error.  With SDS Integration,  each shipment can be entered efficiently and accurately saving you time and money.

AESDirect Integration


Streamline Shipping is a certified Vendor of AESDirect.  With this integration, you can enter all of the required information into Streamline Shipping and file it with AESDirect with the click of a button.  It's just one way that we can lighten your load.

Automation & Workflows


Streamline Shipping offers impressive automation and workflow capabilities.   With one click operations, quotes and purchase orders are easily converted to shipments.  Generate documents and reports, submit data, schedule ship dates all with a few clicks of your mouse.  Streamline Shipping is designed to create a fluid workflow from beginning to end.

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