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Streamline Launches Spring 2015 ERP includes CRM/TMS/WMS

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Brainstorm to Success

Release Broadens Features for Brokers, Carriers and Shippers with introduction of Warehouse and Inventory Management Enhancments

JACKSONVILLE, FL (May. 1)-Streamline, a cloud-based ERP software company offering advanced solutions for CRM, TMS and WMS in one platform, today launched Spring 2015 suite of applications. Notable features of this release are enhanced services for Brokers and Carriers (Ocean & Land), new Smart Forms, Exchange marketplace and integration into new government systems and greater financial reporting. The new features provide brokers, carriers, NVOCCs, freight forwarders and retail customers a complete view of their supply chain in real time with ability to drive new business.

The updated Streamline Shipping ERP/TMS/WMS application, which easily integrates with third-party systems, will help shippers more comprehensively track and manage shipments worldwide. It features enhanced logistics freight consolidation, break bulk, multi-site location management, inventory management, bill of materials (BOMs) including support for multi-leg land/air, intermodal, linked shipment and enhanced management.

Additional features of this new release include:

  • NEW - Integration with US DOT system for up-to-minute carrier information.

  • NEW - Inventory Management / Multi-site Inventory Management

  • NEW - Bill of Materials (BOM) / Sub-assemblies

  • NEW - Integration with US DOT Safer System Integration for fast Carrier Management/Validation

  • NEW - Asset Management / Asset Service features to manage assets & equipment

  • NEW - Ocean Carrier System (Shipping Schedules, Manifest, Capacity Planning, etc)

  • NEW - Exchange Marketplace to manage incoming market

  • NEW - SmartForms System - Dynamic/Custom forms system to manage multi-modal transport

  • Ability to support automated Electronic Document Signatures (EDI) with Third Party

  • Automated Milage calculations for trucking transport

Streamline allows customers to run their total business operations on a single platform, including:

  • Comprehensive account contact management

  • Quoting, invoicing, expenses, purchasing (including split PO management) and payments

  • Tracking of shipments of multi-mobile shipments via air, land (truck/rail) and sea

  • Mobile support that allows you to access data at your fingertips anywhere, anytime

  • Integration with Outlook for greater ERP support

  • Integration with export controls (AES Certified Software Vendor)

  • Ability to customize and scale quickly with your business

Streamline delivers enterprise-wide products and services that maximize return on investment. Streamline provides a world-class, total enterprise solution without the large capital expense of traditional ERP systems.

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