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Streamline ERP Integrates with INTTRA by E2open to offer seamless, real-time supply chain management

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Through INTTRA’s industry-leading neural network, Streamline ERP helps NVOCCs, shippers and freight forwarders seamlessly track and manage worldwide shipments in real time with up to 60+ ocean carriers

JACKSONVILLE, FL (Jun. 8)-Streamline, a cloud-based ERP software company offering advanced logistics and supply chain management suite, today announced it has partnered with INTTRA by E2open, the largest neutral digital network and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry, to offer its full-featured shipping ERP application to INTTRA’s more than 60+ Ocean Carriers (VOCCs) for NVOCCs, shippers and freight forwarders.

"Streamline's Inttra integration saves us time, manpower and money with seamless integration to our ocean carriers for schedules, bookings and more." Heather House - Logistics Manager - Oceane Marine Shipping

Through its integration with INTTRA, Streamline provides comprehensive, centralized electronic documentation, offering shippers greater transparency, using secure, cloud-based tools to track and manage shipments worldwide. Streamline uses the award-winning SalesForce platform, which helps provide superior interoperability with current systems and offers rapid implementation and versatile customization capabilities. All without the large capital expense of traditional ERP systems.

“It allows Streamline seamless access to INTTRA’s network of carriers as easy-to-integrate solution that automates complex multi-carrier shipment management and provides in-transit visibility that minimizes the risk of supply chain disruptions,” said Chris Matthews, Streamline’s spokesperson. “And its extensive data analytics capabilities helps NVOCCs, shippers and freight forwarders build a stronger, customer-centered competitive advantage.”

Streamline is designed to support global trade operations, and is fully customizable to business operations for asset-based carriers, LSP/freight forwarders or shippers. Its features include:

· Account & Contact Management

· Quote Management

· Order Management

· Purchase Order Management · Schedule Management

· Electronic Documentation Management

· Shipment Management (Multi-Modal)

· Tracking and Trace · Invoice Management · Electronic Payment Tracking · Streamline Data Services (SDS) (EDI, etc)

· Asset Management

· AESDirect / PortOS / Etc Integration

· Inventory Management

· Automation & Workflows

· Multi Currency

· Multilingual

Streamline provides a 360-degree view of operations with service quality and customer relationships at center stage to help NVOCCs and freight forwarders maximize their return on investment.

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